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CMYK bright color for heat transfer sublimation offset ink
CMYK bright color for heat transfer sublimation offset ink

CMYK bright color for heat transfer sublimation offset ink

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CMYK bright color for heat transfer sublimation offset ink

Sublimation Offset Ink printing used product include Offset Machine (such as Heidelberg) , Sublimation Offset Ink , two-side Offset Paper , Heat Transfer Machine and Fabric (such as Polyester fabric ).


Offset Sublimation Ink printing Process :

1. The first part is very simple and resembles exactly to normal process of offset printing . Precisely in the same manner, we offset print the artwork (as mirror image) on the two-side offset paper using sublimation offset ink .

2. Put the printed paper on substrates ,such as polyester and nylon fabric .

After offset printing, put the printed paper on the surface of the substrates , and with printed surface

facing downwards on the surface of substrates.

3. Put both the paper and substrates on the heat press.

And heat(190→-220→),time(15-30S) and pressure(0.5kg/cm?) is applied using a heat press.

The ink sublimates i.e. converts to gaseous form and gets deposited "into" the surface, thus transferring image.

4. Finally ,take out paper and fabric from heat press ,the final product will be born .


Any of offset presses :

FLYING Sublimation Ink was designed for offset printing . It was used on all kinds offset printing

Machine, such as single-color , dual-color and multi-color offset printing machine .Be adaptable to the

demand for medium-speed or high-speed printing .


Advantages of sublimation ink :

1. This sublimation ink is safe for the environment and has no harm to skin . It does not belong to corrosives .

2. There is no accumulation of ink on the rolls and the number of machine washings is greatly reduced.

3. Black is very intense and gives good coverage without domination of the other colours .

4. With high printing performance and outcome .

5. Have no skinning within 72 hours.


Typical Uses of sublimation ink:

Sun umbrellas, mouse , school bags , tent ,Biking Jerseys, Team Uniforms , Fashion T-Shirts , Garments , Custom Roll Textiles , Flags , Banners ,eye mask, phone case , gloves , carpet , socks , apron , umbrellas , sweatshirt, yoga mat , back cushion , necktie ,beach pants,Tradeshow Booths and Displays , Casino Tables , Casino Chips , Surfboards , Skateboards , Snowboards ,Skies , Custom Furniture , Interior Design , 3D dye sublimation applications , sublimation aluminum sheet , key rings , key chain , display products , plates , mugs , ceramic etc.

Conditions of Sublimation offset ink transfer printing :

Fabric NameTemperature of transfer printingPressureTime
Polyester Fabric190→-220→0.5kg/cm?15-30s
Polyester low flexibility Fabric190→-220→0.5kg/cm?15-30s
Three-acetate fiber fabric190→-220→0.5kg/cm?15-30s
Nylon Fabric190→-220→0.5kg/cm?15-30s
Acrylic Fabric190→-220→0.5kg/cm?15-30s
Two-acetate Fabric190→-220→0.5kg/cm?15-30s
Gather propionitrile Fabric190→-220→0.5kg/cm?15-30s

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