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Difference between Thermosetting Transfer and Sublimation Transfer

May. 10, 2016

There are two ways of heat transfer printing, one is the sublimation transfer methods, the other is a thermosetting transfer method, also known as heat press. Sublimation transfer refers to the disperse dye printed on transfer paper, and then the pattern on transfer paper transfer the desired product under high temperature and pressure. The heat press is that pigment ink is printed on special transfer paper, then transferred to the media together with the coating on the transfer paper.

There is a clear difference between two kinds of printing methods in the application,

sublimation transfer method is mainly used in synthetic fabrics and hard material coated with thermal transfer, thermosetting transfer method is mainly used in cotton products. Two kinds of printing methods also have differences on texture, after sublimation pattern transfer, the material does not change the original texture, tactile impression and perception are good. After pattern transfer heat press, it will form a layer of jelly on the attachment surface, feel is bad.

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