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Effect of Ink Imbalance in Offset Printing

May. 10, 2016

1. Offset sublimation ink transfer not normally in offset printing. Excessive ink emulsification, due to too much water and the role of mechanical force, tiny water droplets accumulate on the surface of the ink, which affect the ink printability, resulting in ink can not be normal delivery.

2. Sublimation ink ink imbalance leads to dilute printing ink,in the sublimation ink offset printing process, excess moisture reduce the ink saturation, color become variation, color produce the old sense, appears layout dirty and other phenomena.

3. Offset printing heat transfer ink ink imbalance decreases coloring power, As damage the ink printability, coloring power decrease, resulting in more serious ink emulsification.

4. Ink imbalance make drying slow, when ink contain a certain acidic aqueous solution, imprinted surface oxidation conjunctiva time extended, blotting dries slowly, resulting offset printing, rub dirty.

In addition, there are some other influences, such as ink imbalance will make the printing misregistration.

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