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Precautions of Offset Printing Thermal Transfer Ink

Jun. 08, 2016

In offset printing process of offset sublimation ink, string roller moves from left to right, in this process, the transmission speed from the leftmost zero, and gradually increased to the maximum, and gradually reduces to zero at the rightmost, and from the rightmost zero to maximum speed in the opposite direction, then reduced to the zero at the leftmost.

String roller moves to the maximum from a reversing point, then to another reversing point, plate cylinder should turn around, string roller moves back and forth. Changing rotating speed can be described by a sine curve. The higher the speed of axis string, the better ink distribution, obviously, the middle of string ink has best effect, as good as possible in the middle of the printing process, so that the required parts are placed in the middle of the alignment of string ink roller, the string roller commutation point can only be aligned with the non-printing parts of the plate cylinder.

Offset Sublimation Ink

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