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Elimination Method of Static Electricity in Sublimation Printing Ink Production

Jun. 15, 2016

There are elimination method of static electricity in sublimation printing ink production. The simplest approach to eliminate static electricity is ground connection, metal conductor is electrically connected with the earth, so that it is connected to the ground, the charge will leak through the earth, but this method almost no effect for insulator. There are some other ways.

First, the use of antistatic agents to eliminate static electricity, antistatic agents used in printing are surfactant, one end has lipophilic, and the other end has a hydrophilic, easily absorbed moisture in the air, reinforcing conductive material, thereby reducing the accumulated charge. In addition, adding the right amount antistatic agents during papermaking, may also be received very good results.

Second, raise the humidity in the pressroom, a simple way to eliminate static electricity is to control the relative humidity in the printing environment. Therefore, the paper storage place and printing workshop should maintain a certain relative humidity.

Third, the paper humidity conditioning treatment, for the charged paper, its printing is difficult, we can use dry paper to effectively eliminate static electricity, if there is no paper dry equipment, only sprinkle some water on the ground, in order to increase the humidity, accelerate charge leakage, reduce paper static electricity.

Fourth, we can reduce the printing speed to reduce the level of static electricity.

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