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Distinguish The Quality of Sublimation Heat Transfer Ink

Jun. 24, 2016

Distinguish sublimation heat transfer ink has the two most important standards, one is the purity of ink, another is fluency of ink. Fluency of ink refers to a print length and area.

Ink purity determines the color saturation of the image after the transfer and the degree of reduction. Fluency determines the print quality and paper continuous length. Therefore, purity and fluency is ensured for good ink, this is also the most important indicators of the identification of ink. According to the production standard of ink-jet printing press, usually ink dye particle size is not greater than 0.1 mm, below this standard will be prone to jam the printer, the ink quality is compromised.

In addition to these two important indicators, precipitation problems is also effect quality of the sublimation heat transfer ink, if the ink occurred precipitation phenomenon, we must use after shaking.

FO-GR Sublimation Ink for Offset

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