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Why Add Thinner into Dye Sublimation Offset Printing Ink?

Jun. 27, 2016

In our daily operations, sometimes see added thinner to the dye sublimation offset printing ink, it has two functions. One is to reduce the viscosity of the ink, the other is to make the ink thin, increasing the flow properties of the ink.

In the printing project, when the ink viscosity is too large, or produce fall edition and other illnesses due to poor paper to affect the normal printing, in this case, except using anti-blocking agent to reduce the viscosity of the ink, sometimes we can add a small amount of diluent to reduce the viscosity of the ink. But for the relatively thin but sticky ink, should also use anti-blocking agent is better. Oil-type ink generally use low-viscosity mineral oil as diluent; Resin-based ink can use vegetable oil and high boiling point of kerosene as diluent.

Dye Sublimation Offset Printing Ink

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