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What Issues Does Sublimation Ink Encounter?

Jul. 08, 2016

Offset sublimation thermal transfer ink transfer pattern has dark color, the reason may be thermal transfer machines panel is not clean, resulting in other colors on the panel is transferred onto cloth as the temperature increases.

In using the same sheet of printing paper, transfer temperature and the length of time will affect the depth of color.

The thickness of the paper will affect the ink transfer rate, so we try to use thin paper, offset paper.

after printing, back of the paper has smearing phenomenon, general large-scale printing, when printing large quantities, for convenience, they will dry the paper after printing all paper, resulting in tens of thousands of sheets of paper stacked;

Originally paper after printing is not completely dry, he paper is fold up layer by layer, resulting in back of the paper glue the sublimation ink. So we should ensure the paper is not stacked.

Sublimation Thermal Transfer Offset Ink

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