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What Is Ink Imbalance in Offset Printing

Jul. 18, 2016

Offset sublimation ink occurs ink unbalanced phenomenon in offset printing. In the offset printing process, the dampening solution supply amount is too small, it will cause that a blank portion will be stolen, the graphic part will happen paste version, the printed product scrapped, it can not carry out normal printing.

Ink imbalance includes: ① paper absorb excess dampening fluid and soft curly in the sublimation ink printing process. ② it will appears water droplets at blanket drag shoot, and even gather dropping to form stains on the offset printing ink sublimation printing surface, stains wet plate cylinder or blanket cylinder liner; ③ Sublimation ink occur printing interruption in offset printing, it is significant differences between the front and rear sheet ink; ④ Sheet ink fades, after increasing the amount of the ink can not be darker; ⑤ Fountain has the fountain solution droplets, shear region of ink distribution roller can also be seen dampening droplets.

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