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The Advantages of Thermal Transfer Printing Ink

Jul. 28, 2016

Thermal transfer ink is mainly used for polyester fabrics, polyester fabric, triacetate fibers, nylon fabric, acrylic, diacetate fibers, polypropylene clear, can also be used for footwear, handicrafts, leather products and sports goods. Sublimation thermal transfer ink applied to all kinds of offset printing presses, printing materials have coated paper, coated paper, offset paper, cardboard and others, can adapt to high-speed printing requirements, fixing speed is fast, good machine performance is good.

There are many advantages of thermal transfer printing ink, including excellent printability, non-toxic, low odor, good adhesion, non-stick hand; good toughness, good fastness, wear washable. It can achieve three fastness, ink does not crack, good elastic and feel, environmentally friendly, high bright color than ordinary. The most important is can meet export requirements. 

Sublimation Thermal Transfer Printing Litho Inks

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