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Effect of Temperature on Sublimation Offset Printing Ink Production

Aug. 03, 2016

1. Effect of sublimation transfer paper

Effect of temperature change on paper mainly manifested in the paper moisture content, because the paper moisture content change caused overprint inaccurate. Due to uneven moisture changes caused by deformation of paper.

2. Impact on sublimation ink

If temperature is too low, ink cohesion is large, viscosity and tack is large, ink spread unevenly, print ink also uneven; At low temperatures, rely solely on agent or varnish will affect the printability of the ink, it is difficult to obtain high-quality prints.

If temperature is too high, ink cohesion become low, flow of ink is large, dot gain will increase, increased ink emulsification.

3.Impact of ink balance

Temperature increases, the wetting liquid evaporation become fast, practical range of the fluid volume becomes small, on the one hand the need to increase the supply amount of ink in order to achieve a balance, on the other hand dampening water supply tolerance becomes small, ink balance control becomes more difficult.

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