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How to Identify The Quality of Sublimation Thermal Transfer Ink?

Aug. 05, 2016

There are the two most important criteria to differentiate thermal transfer printing ink, the first is ink purity, the second is ink fluency. Ink purity decided color saturation, degree of reduction of the image transfer. Fluency decided print quality and paper continuous length. Therefore, good ink is required to ensure ink purity and fluency, this is the identification of the most important indicators of the ink. According to the production standard ink, usually ink dye particle size is not greater than 0.1 m, below this standard will be prone to block printer, the ink quality is compromised.

In addition to these two important indicators, dye precipitation problems can affect the quality of the ink, it could seriously affect the quality and stability of the ink. If the ink has precipitation phenomenon, shake well before use.

In addition, quality ink is almost no color problem, but the poor quality of ink will often color problem. This can distinguish quality of ink.

Sublimation Thermal Transfer Ink

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