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Product Features of Sublimation Heat Transfer Ink

Aug. 17, 2016

The process of printing has rich and colorful pictorial level, color difference is small, reproducibility is good, the image will not fall off, cracking and fading, and wear-resistant, so the products of sublimation heat transfer ink are more durable. 

The products of sublimation heat transfer ink can achieve the effect of those design requirements, and is suitable for mass production; Transfer processing make pattern transfer to the surface of the product by heat transfer machine one time. After forming, the ink layer and the surface of the product dissolved as a whole, the pattern is pretty and realistic, greatly improve product quality. 

The use of thermal transfer technology is wide, including mature developed commodities include: clothing, cloth bags, hats, pillows, mouse pads, coasters pennants, mirror box, and so on hundreds of products.

Sublimation Heat Transfer Ink

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