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Do You Know the Sublimation Transfer Printing Technology?

Aug. 22, 2016

Currently, commercial and industrial digital printing technology is mainly dye-sublimation transfer printing technology. With advances in technology, applications of sublimation transfer printing technology become more widespread. The reason are four aspects.

1.Good printing results. Fabric pattern printed fine and colorful, rich layers and clear, it has three-dimensional sense, and can print photography and painting style pattern.

2.The printing is soft and has long service life. The most important feature is the sublimation transfer dye can diffuse into the polyester fiber, the prints feel very soft and comfortable.

3.The process is simple, equipment investment is less, genuine rate is high. When sublimation transfer once Ep ~, J multi-color pattern without calibration, Based on customer demand to print the product. resources and protect the environment. Different from traditional textile printing, dye-sublimation transfer printing without steaming, washing and other post-treatment process, saving a lot of water and protecting the environment.

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