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Three Major Development Trend of China's Printing Ink

Aug. 30, 2016

In recent years, with the popularity of technology and market competition, many traditional state-owned enterprises gradually lost printing ink leading edge technology, other private enterprise product cost advantage is also exposed, and continue to expand its market. Because of the popularity of technology and homogenization of product quality, products competition gradually become prices and quality of service. So printing ink will be developed in three areas.

1.the market applies ink products, in particular, launched high quality and low price products, occupying the low-end markets, Such as paper offset printing ink, plastic surface printing inks.

2.environmentally friendly ink, such as alcohol-based gravure printing ink, dry soybean oil offset (environmentally friendly) inks, China sublimation offset ink, water-based ink and others.

3.high value-added ink products, such as industrial inkjet products, conductive ink, anti-counterfeiting security inks. Ink has more varieties, uses are not the same, the use of ink for printing is a technology, ink technology services are especially important.

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