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Why Is Ink Transfer not Complete?

Sep. 07, 2016

Offset sublimation ink printing process is through the adsorption of thermal transfer ink to print on the substrate. Offset printing is different from letterpress, gravure, its graphic part and blank part differ only a few microns, can be considered on the same plane. 

It is necessary to use a wetting liquid as a medium, so first give the plate for ink, let a blank part of the plate surface energy of the wetting liquid is replaced by low-energy surface, formed the cover layer, while graphic part still remains unchanged. Then supply ink to the printing, graphic part is not wetted by the wetting fluid, can absorb ink, the blank portion is covered by dampening solution, although the surface tension of the wetting liquid is still higher than the surface tension of sublimation ink. However, if the ink spread in the water film surface, the surface of the water film replaced the surface of the ink, also can produce interface of the water and sublimation thermal transfer ink. So the ink does not adsorb and spread on the surface of the wetting liquid.

At the same time the ink and dampening solution are immiscible, ink is not being dissolved in the water film, therefore, the ink can be selectively adsorbed on the basis of the plate graphic, can transfer the image.

Offset Sublimation Ink

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