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Why Does Graphic Part Has No Ink?

Sep. 09, 2016

If the graphic part of the printed version has no ink, one possibility is that the photosensitive layer is worn or corroded. During printing process, the surface of the plate and blanket have a certain pressure, and the surface will inevitably slippage in the rolling process, the photosensitive layer produce wear and tear, so a certain amount of printing, the printing will be scrapped because of wear and tear. When the printing pressure is too large, it will exacerbate the printing process plate wear.

Another reason is the photosensitive layer adsorbed hydrophilic substance, which will affect offset printing ink lipophilic properties. If insufficient amount of ink on the printing plate, gum tends to adhere to a photosensitive layer, if too much water in the ink, ink emulsification is large proportion, gums can also replace the ink adheres on the photosensitive layer, make gums more easily adhered to the photosensitive layer and deinking.

Offset Printing Ink

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