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Why Does Sublimation Ink Occur Secondary Sublimation Phenomenon?

Sep. 29, 2016

Secondary sublimation phenomenon refers to phenomenon that the thermal transfer finished product migrated to other products, the reason is semi-finished or finished products stacked too thick,then they take place exothermic oxidation reaction, the temperature rises, resulting in products appear secondary transfer. How should we do to avoid this phenomenon?

Secondary sublimation phenomenon often occurs in the finished product stacking process, common in the summer. Sublimation of the general dye-sublimation transfer products stacked too high, at this time, sublimation ink drying process will generate a greater heat, leading to thermal transfer products in the case of prolonged hypoxia,which will appear contaminated with the upper product, greatly affect product quality.

solve such problems should use prevention oriented. First of all, sublimation transfer products do not stack too high. Second, it should take the air once in 2-4h. Finally, ensure that the temperature of the storage sublimation product storage is not too high.

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