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Thermal Transfer Ink Emulsification

Oct. 13, 2016

The acid value of the thermal transfer ink, the viscosity of the ink and the nature of the pigment has a significant impact on the emulsion.

1.Acid value. The acid value of the ink reflects the fatty acid content in binder, the larger the acid number, the more easier to be emulsified.

2.Viscosity. The lower the viscosity of ink, the smaller cohesion, more easily emulsified. 

3.The nature of the pigment. Different pigments have hydrophilic properties, the ink made by good hydrophilic pigment is easy emulsification.

4.The effect of dilution agent. Common dilution agents are white ink, white oil, such as withdrawal of light. 

5.Effect of desiccant. Ink desiccant usually has Meng, cobalt, lead, chromium and iron oxides, salts and their soap, is a typical powerful emulsifier. Add the right amount of desiccant can accelerate the drying of ink, but the excess can lead to emulsification, reduce the drying speed of ink.

Thermal Transfer Ink

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