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How to Identify Thermal Transfer Printing Inks?

Nov. 01, 2016

Identification of thermal transfer color printing ink has two of the most important criteria, one is the purity of the ink, the other is the fluency of the ink that is a print length and area value.

The purity of the ink determines the degree of color saturation and degree of reduction. Fluidity determines the print quality and the continuous length of paper, especially in the printing of clothing and shoe materials can not be disconnected. Therefore, good ink must ensure purity and fluency, which is to identify the most important indicators of good and bad ink. In accordance with the inkjet ink production standards, generally ink dye particle size can not be greater than 0.1 micron, can not reach this standard will be prone to printer plug phenomenon, the ink quality will be greatly reduced.

In addition to the above two important indicators, dye precipitation problems will also seriously affect the quality and stability of the ink. If the ink precipitation phenomenon must be used after shaking.

Thermal Transfer Printing Ink

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