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Correct Use of Sublimation Transfer Ink

Nov. 04, 2016

Sublimation thermal transfer make sublimation transfer printing ink print on paper through the offset or gravure printing machine, then make the printed graphic paper overlap with the fabric, they are heated and pressurized together, the dye is vaporized to sublimate to the fabric, for example, sportswear, bags, non-woven fabrics, swimwear, cultural shirt and so on. In addition to fabric, but also can be transferred to ceramics (such as cups, plates, tiles), wood, chemical fiber, glass, plastic and metal products (surface coated with acrylic paint). Its main feature is the transfer image colorful, rich layers, the effect can be comparable with the printing.

Transfer dye is infiltrated into the molecular structure of objects by heat sublimation, form a brightly colored image after the formation. The image will not fall off, cracking and fading. So sublimation thermal transfer products are more durable.

Sublimation Transfer Printing Ink

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