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Condition Control of Printing Quality Evaluation for Thermal Transfer Ink

Nov. 21, 2016

There are two condition control of thermal transfer ink printing quality evaluation , they are ambient colors and background colors. 

The color of the adjacent object of observed object is called the ambient color. If the ambient color is colorful, and the light has a certain intensity, it will change the overall lighting distribution of the lighting device, so that the indicators can not meet the requirements, finally impact e observed sample color. In addition, the observer is impacted of the ambient color, will occur color adaptation phenomenon, resulting in a certain color observation error.

When observing the sample, the background color contrasts with the sample color. When the background is colorful, it will make the current sense of color to the opposite direction of the background color shift, known as the color contrast. Color contrast has big impact on the original color of the ink, so the industry standard background color is matte gray Munsell.

Thermal Transfer Ink

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