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Quality Evaluation of Sublimation Thermal Transfer Printing Ink

Nov. 30, 2016

The light of the light source in the sublimation thermal transfer printing ink film, it is divided into two parts, one part is reflected by the ink layer, known as the surface reflection of light, the ink surface is smoother, the reflected light of the first layer surface tends to be specularly reflected. The first layer of surface reflection of the ink film is not selective absorption, reflection of the light source is white, does not show the color of the print matter.

Another part of the light through the ink layer, through the selective absorption of ink, and then reflected out by the paper, is the light that we observed the main shade. If the surface of the ink layer is smooth, the reflected light of the first layer tends to mirror reflection; If the imprinted ink layer has a rough surface, the reflected light will diffuse in all directions.

Sublimation Thermal Transfer Printing Ink

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