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Offset Sublimation Ink Is A Complex Physical and Chemical Phenomenon

Dec. 09, 2016

Sublimation thermal transfer ink is colorful, mainly due to itself does not cause the light color, determine the main factors of ink photoresistance is to choose the pigment properties, followed by the performance of the photoresistor connection. Ink processing technology may also affect the color of the ink photoresistance.

Offset-dye sublimation ink is a complex physical and chemical phenomenon, electromagnetic effects or oxidation, scientists still need to be further identified after the study. China ink condensation resistance is poor, the ink on the rubber roller is concentrated during the printing process, not only affect the definition of the network expression and level, and the ink layer surface roughness, the impact of gloss.

After the ink is transferred to the paper, the material is rapidly penetrated, the material is coated and the paper fibers are absorbed, the coarser the surface and the stronger the absorption.

Offset Sublimation Ink

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