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Rheological Properties of Offset Sublimation Ink

Dec. 13, 2016

In the process of mixing ink, thermal sublimation ink is required greater thixotropy and rheology, the use of ink thixotropy, under frequent stress, the viscosity of the ink declines, is conducive to playing ink uniformity.

Thermal Sublimation Ink

If ink viscosity is too poor, can not guarantee the normal transmission and reasonable distribution of ink; If ink viscosity is too large, ink is uneven on the ink roller, and the uneven distribution, prone to serious flying ink phenomenon.

When the inking roller transfers ink to the plate, from the perspective of improving the quality of printing, there are some requirements on the rheology of ink, viscosity can not be too small, the mobility can not be too large, the original thixotropic structure should be restored at this time, this is conducive to control the expansion of network value.  

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