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Related Knowledge of Sublimation Transfer Printing Ink

Dec. 27, 2016

Flying supply quality Sublimation Transfer Printing Ink, sublimation heat transfer ink and sublimation litho transfer printing ink with high quality and best price.

Substance does not go through liquid, and from the solid state change to gaseous process directly called sublimation. Sublimation transfer also known as dyed, that is the usage of sublimation dye-based ink, the image will be printed by reversing the way. Then put the graphic printed paper on the substrate, through heating and pressurizing the ink on the paper in the sublimation ink pigment into a gaseous state, so that the text will be transferred to the substrate. Now there has many printed cloth shoes and blankets are using sublimation transfer ink method. The important feature of sublimation transfer printing is not need washing and drying, transferred image is colorful and has rich layers, the products is durable, the image is not easy to fall off and fade. Printed in the transfer process does not need adhesive, this can achieve repeated transfer, environmental protection and energy conservation.

Sublimation Transfer Printing Ink

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