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Flying Offset Sublimation Ink

Dec. 29, 2016

Offset sublimation ink refers to the transfer of sublimation thermal transfer ink transfer to the fabric on the printing process, applicable to all kinds of domestic and imported offset printing.

Our company self-developed sublimation thermal transfer offset printing ink, it is refined by part imported raw materials, belongs to environmentally friendly ink. Suitable for all kinds of domestic and imported offset printer, the excellent performance of users throughout the country won praise.

This ink is divided into spot color, four primary colors. The advantages and  properties are different. The product cost can be reduced to a minimum, so that the product color is richer and more realistic, the use is more convenient. Before the use, we can make small sample for the plate-making printing, if the deviation is not big, and then determine the sample plate printing. In addition, we can provide the required special color offset printing ink according to user needs.

Offset Sublimation Ink

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