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Printing Process of Offset Sublimation Ink

Jan. 12, 2017

In the printing process of offset sublimation ink, we need to put on the water then the ink, do you know the reasons?

In essence, the offset printing process is the process that transfer ink to a substrate through the plate to the selective adsorption of ink. Printing part of the graphic can absorb ink, the blank part can adsorb ink, and no selectivity. So we must use the wetting fluid as a medium, according to the blank part of the printing plate to adsorb wetting liquid and the exclusion of part exclude the wetting liquid, the water supply to the plate, the high-energy surface of the blank portion of the plate is replaced by the low energy surface of the wetting liquid, forming a water film overlay, and the graphic part of the surface remains the same. Then supply ink to the printing plate, printing plate part of the foundation is not wetting by wetting liquid, can absorb ink, and the blank part has been covered by wetting liquid, so the ink does not adsorb and spread on the surface of the wetting liquid. So that a pattern can be formed.

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