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Transparency of Sublimation Thermal Transfer Inks

Feb. 06, 2017

Color printing products used color inks, in particular, overlapping overprint of ink. In addition to the pigment composition of the ink to be transparent, the suspending pigment binder must also have transparency.

Printing ink transparency is good, overlapping printing with other color hue of the ink, can not cover up the ink hue has been printed, each overprint ink color can be reduced by the law of changes, resulting in different colors of color patterns.

If the choice of strong hiding, poor transparency of the ink will be overprinted with each other, or overprint in the transparency of a good ink layer surface, after the printing ink layer cover the color of the first printed ink layer, reflected light can not occur transmission reflection phenomenon. Therefore, the first printed hue can not be reflected, the color of printed matter is limited. 

We can also provide thermal transfer inks, offset sublimation ink.

offset sublimation ink

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