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The Dry Form of the Sublimation Ink

Feb. 06, 2017

Depending on the composition of the sublimation ink, drying may be accomplished by chemical reaction (oxidation or polymerization), physical processes (infiltration, volatilization), or a combination of both. 

Through the chemical reaction to complete drying, its mechanism is liquid linker occur curing cross-linking reaction, then form polymer compounds under certain conditions. Specific methods are oxidative polymerization type drying, UV drying and electron beam drying.

Physical mechanism complete the drying, mechanism is that volatilize part of the liquid binder into the air, so that the ink layer thickening solidification, the specific methods of volatile dry and osmotic drying. In order to speed up the evaporation, can be used to hot air drying; In order to speed up the penetration of thermal transfer ink drying, can be used infrared radiation to assist drying.

Heat Transfer Dye Sublime Ink

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