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Sublimation Ink- Preparation Before Printing

Feb. 08, 2017

The first is the preparation of substrates. Screen printing has a wide range of substrates, different substrates should be printed appropriate treatment before printing, which can make it have a certain printability. We also need to be adjusted the substrate according to the size.

Followed by the plate inspection and installation. Check the screen version of the content is correct, the layout is clean, the printing plate is intact and so on. Then we can install the printed plate.

The last is the preparation of the ink. Screen printing substrate is different, the sublimation ink choices are also different. Paper often used volatile drying ink and oxidation polymerization of dry ink; Plastic used volatile drying ink; metal and glass can use the two-liquid reaction type ink; Textiles can use water-based ink or water-based printing paste; Cotton products can use sublimation coating ink.

Sublimation Ink

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