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Sublimation Thermal Transfer Ink Printing Process

Mar. 06, 2017

Sublimation thermal transfer printing is a printing method used to print a special printing dye to transfer paper, and then by heating and pressing, make the dye transfer to the fabric. 

Specifically, it is based on the sublimation characteristics of sublimation thermal transfer ink, select the disperse dyes with the sublimation temperature range of 180 ~ 240 ℃, mix it with the slurry to make color ink, depending on the pattern / pattern requirements. The ink is printed on the transfer paper by printing. Make the transfer paper printed with patterns contact with the fabric, treat 10 ~ 30s on the transfer printing machine within the 200 ~ 230 ℃, through the diffusion into the fabric, to achieve the purpose of coloring.

Sublimation Heat Transfer Ink

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