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Common Ground of Sublimation Ink And Thermal Transfer Ink

Mar. 16, 2017

Sublimation ink and thermal transfer ink are washable, light fastness, scratch-resistant, high color fastness level. The ink penetrates into the surface layer of the object, the image will not fall off, crack and fade, does not damage the surface of the transferred items, transfer image effect is realistic, colorful, durable. image reduction is good, three-dimensional sense is strong. Products have been passed the national MA environmental testing, light fastness test, SGS testing agency REACH certification and Dicky's DGM certification, in line with European and American national standard production.

Our main Products: Offset sublimation thermal transfer ink, sublimation thermal transfer ink, ordinary sublimation thermal transfer ink, mid-range sublimation thermal transfer ink, advanced sublimation thermal transfer ink, cotton sublimation coating.

Sublimation Ink

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