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Sublimation Printing Coloring Technology

Mar. 30, 2017

Sublimation printing coloring technology is different from ordinary printing and coloring technology, the general master is not necessarily to tune up sublimation ink color, this is the need to keep trying process. Usually buy some ink, then let the printing master tune out the similar colors more than a few times.

Application examples: 

Such as printing red version, PS version, magenta 100%, yellow 40% -35%, it is red after the transfer. Blue, PS version, green is 100%, magenta is about 20%, it is blue after the transfer. Green, PS version, blue for 80%, yellow for 90%, it is green after the transfer. Other colors of the modulation is generally the red, yellow, blue, black and four colors down about 30%, you can bring up a similar color.

Sublimation Transfer Printing Litho Ink

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