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Offset Printing Arrangement

Apr. 05, 2017

Under normal circumstances of wet-on-wet printing, the first printed ink has color priority, if it is wet-dry printing, the latter sublimation transfer printing ink has color dominant. From the optical point of view, flat wet wet pressure should use CMYK color sequence.

Under normal circumstances, for the main character of the warm color printing products, color order should be black, green, magenta, yellow; printing color sequence based on landscape, snow and other cool-based prints should be black, magenta, blue, yellow; Two-color machine printing color order for the green + magenta, black + yellow, Monochrome machine printing color order is green, magenta, yellow, black or black, blue, magenta, yellow; In order to facilitate the overprint, the thickness of the ink layer should be arranged from small to large order of color sequence; According to the ink viscosity from large to small order to arrange printing order. The sublimation ink with small cover area should be printed first, dark ink should be printed first.

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