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The Control of Printing Quality in Offset Printing

Apr. 14, 2017

1. different paper printing plate of the depth

Proofing version is deeper than the machine printing version, because the increase the value of outlets in the printing process is bigger than proofing dot gain value, so the machine plate to be shallow. The paper is different when printing, the requirements of the printing plate is also different.

2.the viscosity of the ink

Staff should understand the sublimation offset ink in-depth machine site, ink is too thin and too thick, there will be serious color cast problems.

3.the printing of the network appears deformation problems

Use a magnifying glass to seriously observe whether the deformation of the imprint, if there are deformation of the network, such as lengthening, expansion, ghosting and other problems, printing products color will become dark, In this case, you must first remove the fault, and then print.

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