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The Difference between Traditional Thermal Sublimation And Direct Sublimation

Apr. 28, 2017

The traditional digital sublimation process uses a digital press to produce an opposite image on a transfer paper and then transfer the image to the final substrate using heat, the substrate may be polyester or other polyester or polyester coated material. Conventional sublimation processes typically use aqueous, solvent, or oil-based sublimation inks, and can use these inks to expand the color gamut of prints.

Sublimation is a process of making a substance directly from a solid state, the middle does not go through the liquid process. The process of drying ice at room temperature into a mist is a typical sublimation process. Heat can also open the polyester or polyester coated substrate surface of the hole, so that sublimation into the gas into the material inside the dye. After the heating is stopped, the sublimed ink will cool down and the voids on the polyester material will be closed. If the operation is correct, the printed image will not fade, crack or age.

Heat Transfer Dye Sublime Ink

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