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The Effect of Process Operation on The Gloss of Offset Prints

May. 18, 2017

In the same paper, ink conditions, due to problems in the operation, finished product gloss often has a greater difference after printing.

Sublimation Thermal Transfer Printing Litho Inks

1.Acid wetting solution

China used decades of acid wetting solution to chromic acid, phosphoric acid, although dilute, but the pH is still between 3.5 to 5.6. The stronger the acidity, the greater the decomposition power of the ink, resulting in roughness of the printed film surface and reduced gloss. In recent years, for the research and development of wetting fluid has been a breakthrough.

2.Ink emulsification

Sublimation ink emulsification is mostly caused by the more water and more ink, impression looks ink layer is very thick, but the ink molecules become oil-in-water state, poor gloss after drying, but also produce a series of other failures. Change this situation, in addition to the operator should be the quality and technical education, it is recommended to use a better wetting solution.

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