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How to Solve The Problem of Hot Sublimation Ink Thermal Transfer?

Jun. 03, 2017

Offset printing sublimation ink, also known as offset thermal transfer ink; In offset printing, the principle of lipophilic hydrophobic ink printed on paper, printed images and ordinary offset printing ink, the image printed by offset printing sublimation ink on the paper, and then transferred to the heat transfer machine to the fabric. Sublimation ink transfer image is bright and colorful, the transfer effect is realistic and beautiful, and the image will not fall off. 

In the printing of ink is not enough black phenomenon, we need to consider the issue:

1. offset printing sublimation ink and ordinary offset printing ink is different is in accordance with the ordinary printing ink printing ratio printing;

2. whether to use good quality offset printing sublimation ink, or the improper additives cause certain chemical reactions; 

3. the transfer cloth is not the sublimation of ink printing range.

Offset Printing Sublimation Ink

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