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The Printing Process Technology Affects The Printing Quality

Jun. 06, 2017

Offset process involves physical and chemical content, the mastery of technology has a higher demand, due to management personnel, the operator's technology, technical level and other issues affect the quality of offset printing.

Printing pressure is the basis of printing technology. Offset printing is the printing plate cylinder to transfer the image to the blanket for the first time embossing, the second imprint is the rubber roller to accept the ink, the imprint transferred to the substrate, the two impressions of the pressure is different. Therefore, the correct use and adjustment of printing pressure, is an important part of the technology printed on the product.

Overprint is not accurate, resulting in overprint are not allowed have many reasons, such as blanket local deformation, can make the image of local overprint is not allowed, delivery of paper teeth axis, impression cylinder axis axial movement.

Another factor is related with offset printing ink, good ink can print high quality products, bad ink naturally can not print a good product.

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