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What Are The Main Applications of Thermal Transfer Inks?

Jun. 19, 2017

Thermal transfer ink is mainly applied to advertising, exhibition, photography, craft products, windowcloth fabric, ceramic technology, clothing printing, metal color printing and other industries.

1. advertising display: used for the banner, the banner of large quantities of printing.

2. light industrial products: used for shoes, hats, boxes, bags, ties printing, clothing accessories, ribbon printing and other professional fields.

3. the product manufacturing: ceramics such as cups, plates, tiles.

4. craft products: key ring, couple cups, cell phone sets, pillow and so on.

5. clothing processing industry fabric pattern transfer: cloth printing and dyeing, sportswear, swimwear, non-woven fabrics, T-shirts and so on.

6. architectural and office furniture decorative materials on the surface pattern printing: wood, chemical fiber, glass, plastic and belongings, murals wallpaper.

Thermal Transfer Inks

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