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The Influence of The Glossiness of The Pigment on The Ink

Jul. 03, 2017

First, the pigment will affect the delicate degree of ink, uniform and fine pigment particles can be made of ink with smooth conjunctiva surface, prevent the incident light diffuse reflection, so that the imprint reflects the gloss, advanced ink particle fineness between 3-4μm, the general ink particles in the fineness of 8-10μm, the finer particles, the more conducive to the imprint generated gloss.

Followed by the transparency of the ink. After highly transparent ink forms an ink film, a part of the incident light is reflected by the surface of the ink film, the other part of the paper to reach the surface, and then reflected out to form two color filters, this complex reflection mechanism enriches the effect of color, the film made by non-transparent pigment ink, the gloss is only the surface reflection derived, gloss effect is certainly not as clear ink.

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