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What Is The Difference between Digital Thermal Transfer Printing And Offset Thermal Transfer?

Jul. 07, 2017

1.Digital printing and offset printing machine is different,Digital printing is a piezoelectric printer, offset printing use offset printing presses. 

2.Digital printing without printing plate, electronic files directly output, belongs to printing without version; Offset printing requires the production of plates, belonging to the printing with version.

3.Small batch production is more suitable for the use of digital printing; mass production use offset printing, which is faster, the cost is lower than the digital printing.

4.Both need to use different inks, digital printing with ink is four colors and six colors, but offset printing should use offset printing ink, only four colors.

5.Offset printing costs is high, so generally use a digital printer to proofing plate.

6.Both do different content of the product, digital printing is easy to change revision printing, direct output; offset printing will need to re-plate printing.

Thermal Transfer Ink

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