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The Reason of Producing Messy Edition

Jul. 18, 2017

Flower edition is printing plate image area outlets narrow, the small outlets high-profile part of is lost, not only affect the printing quality, but also reduces the printed version of the anti-Indian rate.

The first, dampening solution is too acidic, the liquid supply is too much, which is the most common cause of flower version. Adjust the dampening water and PH value according to the production during printing.

Secondly, the friction between the plate cylinder and the blanket cylinder is too large. Cylinder liner ratio is improper, platen surface exist large sliding, it will cause too large friction between the rollers, increasing the wear plate.

What is more, the remaining ink of the layout graphic part is not enough, in plate cylinder and blanket cylinder embossing process, if rheological properties of the offset sublimation ink is improper, the remaining sections ink is insufficient, causing flower version.

Finally, Paper is off the powder and has more psammitic, the accumulation of debris on the blanket, and partially transferred to the plate, in the embossing process, exacerbating the wear plate and flower version.

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