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How to Adjust The Humidity of Printing Ink?

Jul. 27, 2017

Offset printing process, the use of the ink to adjust the suitability to adapt to different products, different paper printing needs. The adjustment of the ink humidity is achieved by adding the appropriate auxiliary material to the ink. Because people are not the same or prejudiced in the understanding of auxiliary materials, it is likely that some "errors" are likely to be entered in the actual production, resulting in unsatisfactory results.

Addition of anti-sticking agent in the ink can prevent or reduce the sticky dirt on the back of the printed sheet. The release agent is to reduce the viscosity of the ink, it is mainly in the printing process of ink transfer to play its role. If you do not distinguish between the two confused, it is likely to produce other problems.

During production, in the ink roller transfer process occurs paper "hair loss", printed matter rough phenomenon, which is caused by high viscosity of the ink.

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