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Thermal Transfer Technology And Development

Aug. 12, 2017

The advantages of thermal transfer ink are different. Can reduce the cost of the product to a minimum, so that the product color is more colorful, more realistic image, more convenient use. Thermal transfer is the portrait, landscape, pattern and other images using thermal transfer ink (that is, sublimation ink) printed on color inkjet paper, or ordinary ink printed on the film thermal transfer paper, then through the thermal transfer heating equipment to a certain temperature heating in a few minutes, the color of the pattern on the paper to the true transfer of porcelain, glass, metal, plastic, cotton fabric and other materials on a special printing process.

Thermal transfer is a new method of printing patterned goods, suitable for a small amount of personalized products, as well as full-color images, has become increasingly popular. Not all goods can be used to print the thermal transfer pattern, involving the heat resistance of goods, smoothness and other factors. As a result of continuous technological progress, the use of thermal transfer technology has been developed mature products include clothes, cloth bags, hats, pillow, mug, porcelain, tiles, mirror boxes and so on hundreds of goods.

Thermal Transfer Ink

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