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What is Sublimation Offset Ink?

Aug. 17, 2017

What is Sublimation Offset Ink? Sublimation Offset Ink means to through the printing press thermal printing ink printed on thermal transfer paper or film, which is based on the thermal transfer ink sublimation characteristics, according to different design requirements, and then printed pattern.

In the case of controlling a certain temperature, pressure and time, the ink into the gas phase sublimation from the printing paper transferred to the fabric (such as sportswear, bags, non-woven fabrics, clothing, etc.), through the sublimation of gas into the fabric, so as to achieve the purpose of coloring.

Printing patterns are rich and colorful, ever-changing, good reproducibility, the image will not fall off. So the sublimation thermal transfer products has more durable advantages.

Transfer processing through the heat transfer machine to make transfer film on the beautiful pattern transfer to the product surface, after forming the ink layer and the product surface dissolved, it’s will become beautiful, greatly improve the product grade. It has been applied to the clothes, cloth bags, hats, pillow, mouse pad, coaster Jinqi, mirror boxes, and so on hundreds of goods.

Sublimation Offset Ink

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