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Fading Reasons of Heat Transfer Cloths

Sep. 26, 2017

Heat transfer clothes is the main products in heat transfer industry, but the heat transfer clothes will also appear faded. Do you know why?

1, Washing Fading

Washing fading is normally with transfer paper and offset heat transfer printing ink, so the ink that do not dissolve in water is better. The pigment ink jet printing press as the character, principle of transfer paper is in the high temperature will melt in the internal use of the ink film, then melting in the cloth. To achieve "transfer" results. So the difference of adhesive transfer paper after washing Polyester will gradually fall off, resulting in fading. This transfer method is the most common method, almost covered more than 95%. So there is a requirement for the material, which must be Khmer material, cotton material or chemical fiber polyester material.

Offset Heat Transfer Printing Ink

2, Solar UV Fading

Heat transfer products are easy to fade in the sun's ultraviolet radiation, which is related to the offset heat transfer printing ink but has nothing to do with the transfer paper. Because the poor ink adds no anti UV agent and will fade quickly. The good quality ink can stay long time, but the sunlight will speed up the fade.

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