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The Five Quality Indexes of Offset Printing Ink

Sep. 02, 2017

Color Concentration--Color concentration is the saturation of color. The color concentration of ink will be affected if the process of pigment is not good enough, for example, the abrasive particle size is not suitable. The level and colour of the print is not only related to the ink, also with the plate making, printing equipment, ink balance and other related technology conditions.

Overprint Property--Now many large ink factories have noticed that the ink viscosity could be separated according to the printing color sequence, and they often communicate with the ink supplier to adjust ink ink in time.

Drying property--The drying speed of the ink usually affects the quality of printing. And the same time, it may cause many printing failures, such as the adhesion of the back of the printed matter, even the printing of the paper can not be carried out normally.

Instability--Generally, company attaches great importance to the optimum printing. They often keep in touch with fixed several ink suppliers in order to keep the ink fit the machines.

Stability--For the printing plant, the stability of ink also would affect the quality of printing.

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