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Flying ink, Meet European and American Environmental Standards

Oct. 14, 2017

Ink characteristics: resistance to drying and scraping, high color fastness. When the ink infiltrates into the surface layer molecular chain, the image will not fall off, cracks or fade. And it will not damage the surface of the transfer, to keep the transfer image bright color, rich and durable.

Sublimation Offset Ink Printing

Safety and Authority: the products have passed National MA Environmental Inspection, Test of Fastness to Sun, the REACH Certificate of SGS Testing Institution and the DGM Certification of Dijiemu Company, which is in line with the national standard of the European and American countries.

We, Flying Sublimation Printing Material Co., Ltd., sublimation offset ink supplier have strict quality management system, professional technical advantages and rich industry experience and high prestige to meet the diversified demand of customers.

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